Monday, January 15, 2007

Silence is Golden !!

Last week, I went on a silent retreat for 3 days. I thought to myself, "Three days! How am I going to make it?! I need to use my 25,000 daily words (my husband read that men use 2,000 words daily and women 25,000). If I don't use my words, my head will be so full it will explode!!" I knew that would be a mess no one would want to clean up!
Well, I decided when we arrived at St. Benedict's that I would do my best to make the most of the experience. We met with a pastor who was our leader. He showed us ways to focus on the Lord and enjoy the solitude. He guided us in ways to pray and how to listen for God's spoken word to us. He even allowed us to rest! He encouraged us to take naps!
I have to say that it was a great experience and something I wish I could do every year! It was wonderful spending time with the Lord and not feeling rushed. One of the most freeing things I learned is that if my time with Him is not as productive as I think it should be is ok. God is honored by my faithfulness to meet with Him consistently each day. He is pleased that I desire to be with Him. Yes, my mind will wander or I may doze off in the early morning hours, but I show Him love by setting aside time with Him.
And no, my head did not is still attached to my body! The strangest part was not being able to talk while eating meals. Otherwise, silence was not was definitely golden!