Thursday, August 28, 2008

Subject Choice??

Tonight was a parents' meeting at Ruth Anne's school.  It is time for the grade 9 students to make their subject choices for the rest of their high school career.  Choose subjects?  Is that like art, drama, typing, home ec, band, etc.  Uh...not exactly.   It is not choosing electives (like in the U.S.)  The students must choose three additional subjects to Maths, Afrikaans, English and Life Orientation.  And, these subjects are not easy!  They can choose from Accounting, Art, Geography (not maps), Business Ed, Biology, Physical Science and History.  When they make their choices, they will have these classes from grade 10 to grade 12.
Ruth Anne will add Geography, Biology and Physical Science to her schedule.  She is excited about those choices, but other students are really struggling to decide.  In many cases, for students continuing there education at a university in South Africa, these choices will determine what you can and cannot study at university.  It can be a huge decision for many students.
Overall, I like the way school is done in South Africa.  But it has been a big mental adjustment for me, coming from U.S. schooling.
Ok...I said above that Geography was not maps.  Well, it's not all maps.  They do some, but more like topographical maps.  It also involves studying atmospheric maps and phenomenas and the weather!  Students study earth's formations, like geology.  And they will study human resources.  It is one class I would definitely choose!  I love rocks and weather!
What classes would you choose??

Spring is Springing!

Ok, Spring hasn't completely sprung yet, but...I'm in a short sleeve shirt!  And, I'm wearing sandals!  I've even begun doing some spring cleaning.  Rebecca, my ex-house worker, came and cleaned the windows.  I washed the bathroom curtains and several blankets before putting them away.  I'm lovin' it!  I haven't completely resigned the cold weather.  It is the beginning of spring and we could get a cold front.  But I'm going to enjoy the weather we are having now to the fullest!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 10 "Tag"

I was reading the blogs of two of my friends, recently.  Both of them said they would love to live somewhere else, but are sure that God has called them to the place they are in at this time.  Funny enough, one would love to be in the U.S. but is in Africa, the other would love to be overseas but is in the U.S.!!
Anyway...I got to thinking that I haven't seen a "tag" in awhile.  So I thought it is about time that I initiated one!  So here it is...
Name 10 things you love about the place where God has you right now.

I'm in Joburg, South Africa.  Here is my Top 10.
1.  The weather!  Joburg has sunny winters and almost no humidity all year round.  Temperatures average about 24 degrees C/80 degrees F.
2.  The landscape.  Our side of Joburg is full of mountains and hills.  They can make driving hard, but they make for some beautiful scenery.
3.  The people.  I have friends from many cultures...white, black, mixed race, Indian (from India), Japanese, Portuguese, Afrikaans speaking, English speaking, tribal language speaking, middle-class and poor.
4.  In 10 minutes, I can be at a really nice mall.
5.  In 20 minutes, I can be in the country.
6.  In 30 minutes, I can be at a game reserve and pet lions!
7.  I get to ride a horse whenever I have time.
8.  My kids go to a really good school.
9.  A petrol/gas station attendant fills my car with petrol, washes the windows, and checks the oil, water and tire pressure.
10.  There is a wonderful choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and fruit juices.  And they are cheap, also!

I know I can think of more things...but I said
Angie and Bonnie, it is your turn.  I'm tagging you both!  So, what do love about the places God has called you to?
Hey and Liesel can be "tagged" as well, since you are now enjoying life in the States.  But, if you say you love having snow 7+ months out of the year, everyone will know you are still new to living in the North!
And to others, thank the Lord for where He has you.
Jeremiah 29:11


Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Josh and Kurt began drum lessons at the end of May.  Both are doing well and loving it!  Josh has incredible rhythm, if we can just get his coordination going.  He keeps telling me that he wants to play the drums in church for Christmas.  Hmmmm....we'll have to think about that one!