Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hello All!
It's been a while..ok...a long while since I've written.  My parents and my brother came for a two week visit while the kids were on holiday, so I've just gotten back in the swing of things.
While my parents were here, we took a trip to Victoria Falls.  Victoria Falls can be seen from Zambia or Zimbabwe.  We stayed in Zambia at a beautiful hotel right on the Falls.  On arrival at the hotel, we were greeted by tribal warrior dancers.  Josh made friends right away (big shocker).  By the end of our stay they had made Josh their "chief."  The hotel had a gigantic swimming pool.  I was so excited about swimming since it was extremely hot in Zambia.  Plus, we were no longer in Joburg where the pool water never gets warm!  I was in for a huge surprise when I put my foot in the was freezing!  I guess I'll have to visit the Congo...or some place like it to finally find nice, comfortable swimming water.
Anyway...we all enjoyed several different activities while at Vic Falls.  The whole family went on a safari drive at one of the local game reserves.  We saw about 22 elephant enjoying a mud bath.  We saw hippo swimming in the Zambezi River and lots of buck.  We also went on a Zambezi river cruise and watched the sun set on the river.
My dad, Ruth Anne, Josh and I went on a horseback ride through another park.  My brother, Jason, Josh, Kurt and I took a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls.  It was amazing!  Jason, my mom and Kurt went on an elephant ride.  They had a wonderful time.
Each time my parents visit we get to see more and more of the beautiful continent of Africa.  God is an amazing Creator!