Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest Events

Joshuwa had a school concert this past month. With Ruth Anne's "big date," I forgot to post pictures of the concert.
The theme of the concert was Music Through The Ages. Each class had several dances to perform. And a few individual students were chosen to portray a famous singer. Josh was chosen to be Michael Jackson! He moved and twirled on stage and even tried to "moon walk"!!

Last weekend was the annual "Fancy Dress Musical Kur" at our stables, Riverleigh. Ruth Anne's theme was "The Kur That Will Put You To Sleep." My theme was "Pinkalicious." Both of us got 2nd place and received nice gifts. Over R19 000 was raised for a home for orphans. Check out our beautiful horses!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ruth Anne Dances & Josh Drums

Last Thursday our kids had a big day.
Ruth Anne was invited to the Matric Farewell (same as prom). It was her first big date. Here are some pictures before the dinner and dance.

Josh had his first drum exam Thursday
afternoon. We are not sure how he did. His results will be ready sometime in I'll keep you posted!