Friday, July 17, 2009

Spa Day

Feeling like home...
Last Thursday, 8 women from our church went to an African spa. was "buy one get one free" we couldn't pass that up!
It started out with a light breakfast and coffee.  They we enjoyed 3 "treatments."  We had a facial, body scrub and jacuzzi.  After lunch, we received a hand treatment, full-body massage, foot treatment and head/neck massage.  It was an amazing day.
But, as amazing as all 7 treatments were, the best was spending time with friends.  We chatted and laughed the whole day.  On the way home, I made the comment that, except for Texas, I've lived in Joburg the longest.  One of my friends then asked me, "What place feels like home?"  I answered that in the last two years, Joburg really felt like home.  Being a part of a wonderful church family, having great neighbors, and getting to really know people you see regularly (like those at the stables) is what makes this country feel like home.
I do miss family.  I do miss friends in NC.  But I am so grateful that God has blessed me with friends here and a family of co-workers!
BTW - no pictures were taken at the spa (for obvious reasons)!!