Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Job, Old Home

The week after Easter, we had our Annual Missionary Training Meeting.  Missionaries from all over Southern Africa, Angola to Zambia, met together in Johannesburg for some training and to talk about the new, huge changes that are happening in our organization.  It was a wonderful time of worship and it was great seeing friends we don't get to see often.
On Friday night, Kurt was asked to be the Urban Associate Cluster Strategy Leader.  Big title which means he is overseeing missionary teams in urban centers around Southern Africa.  God has gifted Kurt with the ability to administrate.  He has a vision to reach the cities we love!
But the best news...we don't have to move!  We can stay on the West Rand!  Kurt will have to travel, but there is a small airport he can fly out of easily.  
God is so good.  His plans and His ways are perfect, if we just have the patience to wait on Him!
4 His Glory,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

School holidays started on March 20th.  We started full-on!  Kurt's parents came to visit us.  They arrived on Friday the 20th and we headed out Sunday for Cape Town.  We stayed 4 nights and the weather was perfect (which makes you want to live there...until you remember it rains 200 days a year and most of that in the winter! Yuck!).  Our family had been there before, with my parents.  But we did a few different things this time.
We went to The Castle of Good Hope.  They have an art studio there and we met an artist that wanted to paint a picture of Joshuwa!  They shot a cannon was really tiny...but made a HUGE noise (sounds like me)!!
We went by ferry to Robben Island.  Our tour guide through the prison was an ex-inmate.  We saw where he stayed and where Nelson Mandela stayed.  Long before apartheid, the island was home to many lepers.
We also went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  We had a picnic and enjoyed walking and looking at many different plants.  My favorite was the medicinal plants.  There was enough of a variety to cure almost anything you have!
As with my parents, we made it down to Cape Point, to see the penguins in Simonstown (the Boulders) and to the V&A Waterfront.  The kids visited the aquarium.
We didn't get up Table Mountain this time, but we got some great pictures of the "Table Cloth."  It was my first time to see the clouds just covering the top.
After our trip, Kurt's parents were able to see Ruth Anne ride in a dressage show and his dad saw one of Joshuwa's gymnastics lessons.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and so glad they were able to visit us!