Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Boring??

I know I haven't written anything for a while.  I don't know...I guess I feel like nothing exciting has gone on...just the same old routine.  Maybe life is just a little "boring."
And yet, when I got to thinking about it this morning, my days are quite different.  On Facebook, I get a question of the week to answer.  This week's question was, "What do you spend most of your day doing?"  As I thought on the question, I realized that there is not one thing I spend most of my days doing.
I don't spend most of my days working on the computer.  I don't spend most of my days in the car.  I don't spend most of my days grocery shopping.  I don't spend most of my days cleaning or washing or cooking.  I have a really flexible schedule.  Each week has its routine.  And, each week has things on the schedule that can't be changed.  For example, every Monday morning our team gets together and prays about the week ahead.  Every Wednesday afternoon I lead a Bible study.  Every Monday afternoon, I take Josh to speech therapy.  But, other things in my schedule change.  I don't always grocery shop on the same day.  Some days, Kurt and I go out to lunch.  Some days I have to stay home and get a Bible study prepared.  Some mornings I get to go with Kurt to a Bible study in Soweto.  I guess that is the beauty of being a missionary and a mom!
So...I may not have much to write about on my blog that seems really exciting. life is definitely not boring!!

See you soon!