Monday, June 08, 2009

Josh's Party

May 30, we celebrated Joshuwa's birthday with his friends.  He turned 7 on the 21 May, but his favorite restaurant was booked for parties that weekend.  I say that it is his favorite restaurant, but not because of the food.  He rates it #1 because of the video games!  In fact, he calls it "The Games" instead of its real name, "Spur."
Josh had a great time with his friends.  It was a great day, so I don't think he minded waiting a week for the party.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Second Saturday in Soweto

The second Saturday of each month our team and members from 3 other Baptist churches make a trip into the township, Soweto, to share the gospel, hand out tracts and pray with people.  This month (May), Ruth Anne and her friends, Chene and Tammy, went with us.  This was Chene's and Tammy's first time into Soweto!  They were a little nervous at first, but ended up having a wonderful and eye-opening experience!
It is my prayer that many more suburban South Africans will desire to reach their neighbors in Soweto and other townships/settlements throughout South Africa!