Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gold Mine Hike

Last week, Josh & I joined several homeschooling families for a hike and picnic at a nearby nature reserve. The children went on a guided hike and learned how gold was found and mined many years ago. While the kids hiked, the moms got to know each other and ask many questions about homeschooling. I enjoyed connecting with other homeschooling moms. We all shared our views, ideas, and tips on homeschooling.
The kids hiked for about 3 hours! When they returned we had a picnic lunch. Josh had a ball. On the way home, I asked him what he had learned. I was amazed at all the things he remembered! His favorite thing was panning for gold. He said he found some...but I never saw it!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First Day of Homeschool

Today was Joshuwa's first day of homeschool. We took it quite easy. He did some Math with a curriculum called "Math-U-See." I think it will be a very good curriculum for him. It is hands-on and visual.
Our Reading & Phonics curriculum has not arrived. So, I began searching the internet and found a free online curriculum called "Progressive Phonics." It looks really good. I gave Josh a list of words to read so that I would know where we need to start in that curriculum. Tomorrow, we will dive right in. I am hoping that by May, he will be on a Grade 2 level.
I will also be incorporating Language Arts, Science and History through a website called "Lesson Pathways."
Our gardner's daughter, Violet, and her cousin, Beauty, joined us for school today. They will
also come the next two days before they leave for the village, where they stay with extended family and attend school. Josh loved having friends join him at school.
For PE, we played with a huge frisbee! I tried to hula hoop, but Josh was the best of all 4 of us!