Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you are wondering, like me, how can I be excited about our first black president when he is soooo liberal, whose values seem to be nothing like mine (as I've seen already)...
then John Piper's article on his website is a MUST read.
I can be proud of our country for electing Obama as our President.  I can also be excited for Americans of African origin.  And, I can always remember that God is ultimately in control!
Enjoy the read!
For His glory,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A traffic stop...this is where the police set up road blocks, sometimes using cameras, to check your drivers license, the roadworthiness of your vehicle and to see if you have any outstanding traffic fines.
Here in South Africa, we try to avoid police traffic stops...at all costs!  Mainly due to the fact that no all police officers can be trusted.  Many want a bribe and will threaten jail time if not paid.  I don't really need that kind of stress on my heart...so I pray often that my car would become invisible if there is no way around the road block.  I must say, God has blessed me richly.  I haven't been stopped in over a year!
However...I'm sure you can guess where this story is going!
Last week, Friday, I took the kids to school.  The police were setting up a road block on the other side of the main street we were traveling on.  I thought to myself, "Good.  I won't be coming back on this road."
I dropped the kids off at school, then spent some time running at the gym; never giving the road block and the police another thought.  On the way back home from the gym, I turned the corner and got on the road running next to the main road...and there...were the police!!  They were stopping "cheaters" trying to avoid the road block.
Yes, my heart was beating fast and my mind was praying..."be invisible, be invisible!"  But our big, bright red Toyota Condor stood out.  A woman police office pointed at me and waved me over!
She came over as I rolled down the window.  I gave her my best "try-not-to-act-nervous" smile.  We exchanged greetings, then she said, "I don't want anything from you.  I just want to know if you are selling."  "Selling???"  I said.  "Yes," she answered.  "Are you selling your car?  I want one of these but can't find one.  Are you selling it?"
A huge stone was lifted off my chest and I breathed out, "No.  I can't.  It's my company's car."  Then, with nerves semi-under control, I added, "I don't think they make these anymore.  But if my company ever sells one...and I see you again, I'll let you know!"
Then, she let me go.
I drove away, laughing and barely able to push in the clutch!
God is so awesome!  He turned a scary, worrisome moment into delight!
Wow!  I love Him!