Monday, December 27, 2010

27 on the 27th

I went to a friend's blog today and it seems that on the 10th of each month she and other friends make a list of 10 things they've done recently. has been 6 months since I've written on my I figured I had enough to do 27 things on the 27th! Hopefully, this will catch everyone
up on what has been happening in our family and on our side of the world.

1. Went to World Cup Soccer matches!

2. Participated in ministry during the World Cup.

3. Made proper rusks for the first time. Rusks are like biscotti but bigger...hard biscuits that you dip in tea or coffee.
4. Decided to homeschool Joshuwa.
5. Rode Ivy in a Quadrille with Ruth Anne and two other young ladies.
6. Made a beautiful cake for Ruth Anne's "Going Away" party.
7. Celebrated Kurt's return from Japan.
8. Forgot to celebrate our 21st anniversary on 19 August...
9. Put Ruth Anne on a plane for the USA on 20 August!
10. Helped Bellevue Baptist start a tutoring program at their church
11. Ran a 4K race with King's School.
12. Went to Cape Town for Spiritual Retreat.
13. Found a lump...but had it drained. All is well. God is so good.
14. Celebrated Kurt's parents' 50th wedding anniversary in the USA.
15. Saw my parents. Saw Ruth Anne!
16. Found a wonderful hair product! Now my curly hair is my friend. It's the little things in life!
17. Watched Josh play the drums at a school assembly! Now he practices almost every day!
18. Rode Ivy in a Pas-de-Deux.
19. Won the Quadrille with 3 other wonderful young ladies (and our horses)!
20. Got a new freezer!
21. Got my oven fixed after 6 weeks (learned to cook many meals on the stove and in crock pot)!
22. Decorated for Christmas. We have nativity scenes from all over Africa and from the US.
23. Hosted 5 people in our home for a week. Baseball players that came to teach baseball and share the gospel. About 50 people accepted the Lord that week!
24. Took Josh ice skating with Joburg kids that are also being home schooled.
25. Sang Christmas carols all through December (because I led worship)!
26. Celebrated Christmas eve with friends and Mexican food!
27. Enjoyed a lovely Christmas day. Went to church, opened presents, spent time with friends and talked with family.

That brings us up-to-date. I will be doing a much better job at writing on my blog. I'm sure a lot of entries will deal with Josh and home schooling! Should be fun!

I hope you all have a happy New Year!