Saturday, March 07, 2009


Well, the first term of school is coming quickly to a close as well as summer.  So I thought a quick update would be in order.
Ruth Anne competed in the 800m race for a chance to go to the district level competition.  She came in 2nd place.  Two weeks later, she ran in the district competition and came 3rd!  This did not qualify her for provincial level competition but we are very proud of her effort.  She ran against girls that were a year older than her!  As far as horse riding goes, she will be moving up to novice level dressage with her horse Roxy.  She is very excited about that.  School is going fairly well.  She has several new teachers and is getting used to how they teach and give exams.  She is also loves her youth group.  We are so thrilled she has found a group of friends who love the Lord and have fun together.
Josh is doing great in school.  We kept him in grade R (kindergarten) and the report from his teacher says that he is right on track.  He loves gymnastics...of course...he gets to do lots of flips!  Today, he played in the sprinkler and even turned the hose on his slide!  He had a blast.  As summer fades, so will the times of playing outside in the water!
We are all looking forward to Kurt's parents coming for a visit over the school holidays.  We will be going to Cape Town with them.  I know they will love it!
Until next time...