Friday, April 18, 2008

The Heart of a Child

When Ruth Anne was very young and said really "cute" things, I always said, "I should write that down."  But, I never did!  Now that Joshuwa is saying "cute" things, I'm still forgetting to write it down...except this time!
Every night, I read Joshuwa a Bible story, sing a short song, and then he says a prayer.  This one particular night, after our routine, we began talking about something as I was walking out the door...I don't remember exactly what how the conversation started.  
But, Josh said to me, "Everybody loves Jesus."  I had to reply, "No.  There are some people who don't love Jesus."  To that he said, "Oh!  How sad!  I must pray for them."
So, if you are one that doesn't love Jesus, please know that my son prayed that you would come to love Jesus just like he does!