Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Winter's Top Ten

Well, it is obviously the first day of winter here in Joburg. The low this morning, with wind chill, felt like 26F!! The wind is gusting fiercely outside and the temperature inside the coldest house in Joburg (our house) is 45F at 12 noon! Ouch!
So, I've decided to compose a list of the top 10 in expensive ways to keep warm this winter, since it's only the beginning. If your house spends the day at less than 50F (10C), try some of these ideas!

10. Drive your car to a really sunny place and park there for awhile. Bring a good book, even your computer...but keep an eye out for carjackers!
9. Go to the shopping centre (mall). It's always warmer there. The shops might even have heating! At least they don't have windows. And, the cappuccinos there are wonderful!
8. Layer, layer, layer! Wear 3 pair of socks, thermal underwear, at least 3 long sleeve shirts, a sweater (jersey), gloves and a hat!
7. Wear your pajamas all day (with a robe) or wear your clothes to bed that night. That way you only have to change clothes once a day!
6. Take a hot shower for an hour! But, expect your family to be upset that you've used up all the hot water! And, get ready for a blast of cold when you get out.
5. Wrap up in blankets. Don't forget your hot water bottle. When it cools, you can recycle the water; heat it up again!
4. Go to the gym. Work hard, get hot, sweat. At least you'll be warm for 30 min to an hour!
3. Drink hot tea all day long. Eat soup for lunch and dinner. You may want to keep a small heater going in the bathroom (loo) because you will spend a lot of time in there!
2. Snuggies are in style in Joburg! They are no laughing matter. Use it!
1. Go visit a friend. Their house will be warmer than yours! And, it's always fun to drink tea with a friend.

In case it seems like I'm bellyaching too much, here are 3 things I love about winter in Joburg.
3. You don't sweat! So you can take less showers and you can wear clothes more than one day before washing!
2. Hot tea and soup. I love them. I love normal black tea, rooibos tea, flavored tea. My favorite is (ok, it sounds weird, but it's delicious) grapefruit and lavender!
1. The clear, cloudless blue sky. The bright sunshine! Winter in Joburg is beautiful!

Whatever the season where you are, enjoy it! God created the seasons and they are to be enjoyed!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice Skating Party

Joshuwa is 8!
Wow! I can't believe it. Time is really flying!
He wanted to have his birthday party at the ice ska
ting rink. He loves skating.
We had it on a Monday right after school. It was the perfect time, because the rink was practically empty.
The kids skated for nearly 3 hours! Two fell pretty hard at the beginning, but got back out there and did great.
My indoor pictures didn't turn out very well...but I've put them in anyway.