Monday, November 17, 2008

Musical Kur 2008

The last weekend in October, Ruth Anne and I entered Riverleigh's Fancy Dress Musical Kur.  What's that??
Well...Riverleigh is the name of the stables where we ride.  A musical kur is a dressage test done with a theme and to music.  And fancy dress means you ride in costume!
Each year, Riverleigh holds this event to raise money for a special charity.  This year the money went to a local children's home.  We all had a great time!  And lots of money was raised.
My theme was disco.
Ruth Anne's theme on Blue (the white/gray horse) was "Blue's Time" (Blues music).
And, her theme on Roxy (the brown/bay horse) was "My Little Pony."
Josh even got to dress up as an alien and run into the arena after one young lady rode to the theme "Men in Black."  He was so excited about being an in "Ben 10."
OK...I hear you laughing at my picture! :)