Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to School

Today the kids went back to school.  They've had a four week winter break!  This was Josh's first day at The King's School West Rand.  Ruth Anne has been at King's since grade 2 (now she's in grade 9).  We were going to put Josh in King's next year for grade 1, but his class is completely full and there are 40 kids on the waiting list for grade 1.  So, when a space opened for the year (grade 0 or kindergarten), we moved him from Little Discoverer's.
Josh was very excited about going to "big" school with his sister.  At 6:30 this morning, while he was sitting at the table eating breakfast, he looked out the kitchen window and asked, "Why is it dark outside?  When is it morning time?"  We got to school, he met his teacher, then he headed to the playground.  Surprise!
He seemed to have a good day.  He saw his friend, Keon, that he knew from Little Discoverer's.  He learned the letter "A."  And his class is making sock puppets tomorrow.
Ruth Anne got her exams scores from last term and did well.  I don't really need to say it, but...she was not as excited to be at school as Josh was!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Josh's New Do!

Josh has been dying to get his hair braided (plaited).  He's been asking and asking.  So finally I organized with a lady in my Bible study, Tryphina, to plait his hair.
Friday morning, I took him up to the stables to meet Tryphina.  After several minutes of discussion between her and some of the other groom's wives, and in a language I didn't understand, it was decided that she would sew his hair instead of plait it.  I think, since I didn't understand what they were talking about, that his hair was just not long enough.
Well, Tryphina started on Josh's hair at about 10:45 am.  I went off to ride Ivy quickly while Ruth Anne watched.  When I was done riding, I joined the group...the groom's wives plus their children stayed around watching, as well.  His hair was about half way finished.  It was definitely a painful process...as you can see by the grimace on his face!
Just before noon, his hair was done!  He loved it.  Ruth Anne told him that he was "looking so good, man."  But Josh said, "No.  That's not what you're supposed to say.  You're supposed to say, 'OH Yeah!"

Monday, July 07, 2008

Winter Feet

June, July and August...the 3 coldest months of the year in Joburg, South Africa. And, we are now in the middle of them!
One young lady who rides at the same stables my daughter and I do, said, "I now have my winter feet." I knew exactly what she was talking about. Starting in June (or when the first cold front hits), I get my "winter feet." That is, my feet get cold and stay cold all winter long! Sometimes they are colder than other times...but they don't really warm up until September! I don't go without socks (awake or asleep) until late October or November. Ok...I don't shower with my socks on.
Just so you are not confused...houses in South Africa have no central air conditioning or heating. So, the temperature outside can get warmer than the temperature inside the house!
My two best winter friends are my tea/coffee cup, which warms my insides as well as my hands, and my hot water bottle. As I type, my hot water bottle is sitting on my lap. I usually keep it filled with hot water all day long. My kids put their hot water bottles in the bed to keep their feet warm when they go to sleep!
All this to say...I do actually love winter in Joburg. The skies are a clear blue with no clouds. The sun warms you up and there is no rain! I can live with a cold house when the weather outside is so gorgeous!