Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coffee Fans!

Kurt and I are fans of coffee, and we've been to several coffee tasting events.  One of our faves is a "coffee cupping."  Attending two cuppings at Bean There, a single origin African coffee shop in Joburg, has increased our appreciation and love for coffee.  Actually, we've become coffee snobs.  We don't drink instant coffee anymore...why would we?
After our last coffee cupping, we hosted one at our house for a few friends.  It was great fun!  Hopefully, we are encouraging more friends to become coffee snobs with us!
Are you a coffee snob??
Janna Kay

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Money Maths

One of my main goals for homeschooling Josh is making sure he can "survive" out in the real world on his own by the time he finishes high school.  When it comes to spending money, he struggles with knowing if he gets change back and how much. So one day, Josh went shopping during his Maths class.  He had to choose a few items to buy, figure out the cost, give me the closest amount of money, and figure out his change (if any)!  It was a great class!!

Janna Kay


During July and August, we had four teams come and join us in ministry.  The International World Changers (IWC) team consisted of 50 people!  They worked in Soweto and downtown Joburg.  They were divided into groups that prayer walked, shared the gospel, and spoke of Jesus to school-aged children.  I love having teams come alongside of us and help us reach the city for Jesus!  They are a tremendous blessing to us in so many ways!
You all are so appreciated!
Janna Kay
Students at JGPS
Balloon hats, animals, swords, etc.

Face painting!
Jumping Castles
Knowing Jesus