Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest Events

Joshuwa had a school concert this past month. With Ruth Anne's "big date," I forgot to post pictures of the concert.
The theme of the concert was Music Through The Ages. Each class had several dances to perform. And a few individual students were chosen to portray a famous singer. Josh was chosen to be Michael Jackson! He moved and twirled on stage and even tried to "moon walk"!!

Last weekend was the annual "Fancy Dress Musical Kur" at our stables, Riverleigh. Ruth Anne's theme was "The Kur That Will Put You To Sleep." My theme was "Pinkalicious." Both of us got 2nd place and received nice gifts. Over R19 000 was raised for a home for orphans. Check out our beautiful horses!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ruth Anne Dances & Josh Drums

Last Thursday our kids had a big day.
Ruth Anne was invited to the Matric Farewell (same as prom). It was her first big date. Here are some pictures before the dinner and dance.

Josh had his first drum exam Thursday
afternoon. We are not sure how he did. His results will be ready sometime in I'll keep you posted!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Pets!

We just got two new additions to our family! Meet Spikey and Popcorn!
Now we have 2 dogs, 2 horses and 2 guinea pigs!
Oh...when Kurt took Josh to buy them, he forgot to check on the gender! Yikes!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spa Day

Feeling like home...
Last Thursday, 8 women from our church went to an African spa. was "buy one get one free" we couldn't pass that up!
It started out with a light breakfast and coffee.  They we enjoyed 3 "treatments."  We had a facial, body scrub and jacuzzi.  After lunch, we received a hand treatment, full-body massage, foot treatment and head/neck massage.  It was an amazing day.
But, as amazing as all 7 treatments were, the best was spending time with friends.  We chatted and laughed the whole day.  On the way home, I made the comment that, except for Texas, I've lived in Joburg the longest.  One of my friends then asked me, "What place feels like home?"  I answered that in the last two years, Joburg really felt like home.  Being a part of a wonderful church family, having great neighbors, and getting to really know people you see regularly (like those at the stables) is what makes this country feel like home.
I do miss family.  I do miss friends in NC.  But I am so grateful that God has blessed me with friends here and a family of co-workers!
BTW - no pictures were taken at the spa (for obvious reasons)!!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Josh's Party

May 30, we celebrated Joshuwa's birthday with his friends.  He turned 7 on the 21 May, but his favorite restaurant was booked for parties that weekend.  I say that it is his favorite restaurant, but not because of the food.  He rates it #1 because of the video games!  In fact, he calls it "The Games" instead of its real name, "Spur."
Josh had a great time with his friends.  It was a great day, so I don't think he minded waiting a week for the party.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Second Saturday in Soweto

The second Saturday of each month our team and members from 3 other Baptist churches make a trip into the township, Soweto, to share the gospel, hand out tracts and pray with people.  This month (May), Ruth Anne and her friends, Chene and Tammy, went with us.  This was Chene's and Tammy's first time into Soweto!  They were a little nervous at first, but ended up having a wonderful and eye-opening experience!
It is my prayer that many more suburban South Africans will desire to reach their neighbors in Soweto and other townships/settlements throughout South Africa!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Job, Old Home

The week after Easter, we had our Annual Missionary Training Meeting.  Missionaries from all over Southern Africa, Angola to Zambia, met together in Johannesburg for some training and to talk about the new, huge changes that are happening in our organization.  It was a wonderful time of worship and it was great seeing friends we don't get to see often.
On Friday night, Kurt was asked to be the Urban Associate Cluster Strategy Leader.  Big title which means he is overseeing missionary teams in urban centers around Southern Africa.  God has gifted Kurt with the ability to administrate.  He has a vision to reach the cities we love!
But the best news...we don't have to move!  We can stay on the West Rand!  Kurt will have to travel, but there is a small airport he can fly out of easily.  
God is so good.  His plans and His ways are perfect, if we just have the patience to wait on Him!
4 His Glory,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

School holidays started on March 20th.  We started full-on!  Kurt's parents came to visit us.  They arrived on Friday the 20th and we headed out Sunday for Cape Town.  We stayed 4 nights and the weather was perfect (which makes you want to live there...until you remember it rains 200 days a year and most of that in the winter! Yuck!).  Our family had been there before, with my parents.  But we did a few different things this time.
We went to The Castle of Good Hope.  They have an art studio there and we met an artist that wanted to paint a picture of Joshuwa!  They shot a cannon was really tiny...but made a HUGE noise (sounds like me)!!
We went by ferry to Robben Island.  Our tour guide through the prison was an ex-inmate.  We saw where he stayed and where Nelson Mandela stayed.  Long before apartheid, the island was home to many lepers.
We also went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  We had a picnic and enjoyed walking and looking at many different plants.  My favorite was the medicinal plants.  There was enough of a variety to cure almost anything you have!
As with my parents, we made it down to Cape Point, to see the penguins in Simonstown (the Boulders) and to the V&A Waterfront.  The kids visited the aquarium.
We didn't get up Table Mountain this time, but we got some great pictures of the "Table Cloth."  It was my first time to see the clouds just covering the top.
After our trip, Kurt's parents were able to see Ruth Anne ride in a dressage show and his dad saw one of Joshuwa's gymnastics lessons.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and so glad they were able to visit us!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Well, the first term of school is coming quickly to a close as well as summer.  So I thought a quick update would be in order.
Ruth Anne competed in the 800m race for a chance to go to the district level competition.  She came in 2nd place.  Two weeks later, she ran in the district competition and came 3rd!  This did not qualify her for provincial level competition but we are very proud of her effort.  She ran against girls that were a year older than her!  As far as horse riding goes, she will be moving up to novice level dressage with her horse Roxy.  She is very excited about that.  School is going fairly well.  She has several new teachers and is getting used to how they teach and give exams.  She is also loves her youth group.  We are so thrilled she has found a group of friends who love the Lord and have fun together.
Josh is doing great in school.  We kept him in grade R (kindergarten) and the report from his teacher says that he is right on track.  He loves gymnastics...of course...he gets to do lots of flips!  Today, he played in the sprinkler and even turned the hose on his slide!  He had a blast.  As summer fades, so will the times of playing outside in the water!
We are all looking forward to Kurt's parents coming for a visit over the school holidays.  We will be going to Cape Town with them.  I know they will love it!
Until next time...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trust in the Lord

Within the last two weeks, four very close neighbors were robbed.  Two weeks ago tonight, the two houses directly across the street from us were robbed.  Three nights ago, the neighbor two houses down from us was robbed, then the next night, the house next door was robbed!  All were robbed in the middle of the night while the families were at home sleeping!
Needless to say, I was very nervous about going to sleep last night after our next door neighbor's house was broken into.  I wrote about it on Facebook.  I had several people pray for our safety.  I do appreciate it so much.
But this morning, I read Psalm 33 for my quiet time.  This is what I read when I got to verses 16 & 17, "The king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.  The war horse is a false hope for salvation, and by its great might it cannot rescue."  
Wow!  I began to think, "What am I putting my trust and hope in?"  I put up a picture of our house so you can see how I changed the words of this psalm to fit what I was thinking.
This is what I wrote.  "This wife is not saved by my strong husband next to me; this mom is not delivered by the strong bars on the windows.  The palisade fence is false hope for this family's salvation, and the guns of the security company cannot rescue."  Verse 18 concludes, "Behold the eye of the LORD is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love, that he may deliver their soul from death and keep them alive in famine."
We did find someone who is going to put brighter lights around our house and add security bars to windows that don't have them.  I called the security company to learn how to leave one motion detector on in the house at night.  Yes, I was putting my trust in people, iron and technology.  But ultimately, if robbers want in, they can get in.  I need to trust in the LORD my God, who is my refuge and shield and strength...and get a good night sleep!
May His name be glorified!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Horse of the Year

This week my daughter, Ruth Anne, took her horse, Roxy, to a "beauty" competition called "Horse of the Year."  She showed off her horse in four competitions.  Roxy did very well and Ruth Anne enjoyed the shows.  She didn't let her nerves get the best of her!
She finished 2nd in Show Riding and 8th (out of 16) in Potential Dressage.  She also got some very good comments about Roxy's potential as a dressage horse.
On Friday, Ruth Anne showed her horse at 12:20pm then travelled and hour to run the 800m race in an athletics competition.  She came in 3rd!
Oh...I got to drive her everywhere!  Taxi Mom!  But what a privilege watching her compete!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


If you are wondering, like me, how can I be excited about our first black president when he is soooo liberal, whose values seem to be nothing like mine (as I've seen already)...
then John Piper's article on his website is a MUST read.
I can be proud of our country for electing Obama as our President.  I can also be excited for Americans of African origin.  And, I can always remember that God is ultimately in control!
Enjoy the read!
For His glory,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A traffic stop...this is where the police set up road blocks, sometimes using cameras, to check your drivers license, the roadworthiness of your vehicle and to see if you have any outstanding traffic fines.
Here in South Africa, we try to avoid police traffic all costs!  Mainly due to the fact that no all police officers can be trusted.  Many want a bribe and will threaten jail time if not paid.  I don't really need that kind of stress on my I pray often that my car would become invisible if there is no way around the road block.  I must say, God has blessed me richly.  I haven't been stopped in over a year!
However...I'm sure you can guess where this story is going!
Last week, Friday, I took the kids to school.  The police were setting up a road block on the other side of the main street we were traveling on.  I thought to myself, "Good.  I won't be coming back on this road."
I dropped the kids off at school, then spent some time running at the gym; never giving the road block and the police another thought.  On the way back home from the gym, I turned the corner and got on the road running next to the main road...and there...were the police!!  They were stopping "cheaters" trying to avoid the road block.
Yes, my heart was beating fast and my mind was praying..."be invisible, be invisible!"  But our big, bright red Toyota Condor stood out.  A woman police office pointed at me and waved me over!
She came over as I rolled down the window.  I gave her my best "try-not-to-act-nervous" smile.  We exchanged greetings, then she said, "I don't want anything from you.  I just want to know if you are selling."  "Selling???"  I said.  "Yes," she answered.  "Are you selling your car?  I want one of these but can't find one.  Are you selling it?"
A huge stone was lifted off my chest and I breathed out, "No.  I can't.  It's my company's car."  Then, with nerves semi-under control, I added, "I don't think they make these anymore.  But if my company ever sells one...and I see you again, I'll let you know!"
Then, she let me go.
I drove away, laughing and barely able to push in the clutch!
God is so awesome!  He turned a scary, worrisome moment into delight!
Wow!  I love Him!