Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Baby

Friday morning, Josh wakes up and comes into the kitchen all "worked up." He's talking about seeing something white running in his room. "Hurry, come see it," he says. And then he adds, "It's freaking me out!"
I thought it was some kind of bug (he absolutely hates them) a big lizzard or grasshopper. Kurt goes into his room to see what is going on. Josh finally calms down. He returns to the kitchen to tell me that our guinea pig had a baby. I rushed into his room and sure enough, there it was! A little white piggie!
If you've read my blogs at the beginning of the year, you'll
remember that while we were in the United States, our "piggie sit
ter" told us that one of the piggies had a baby. Unfortunately, it was deformed and had died. She said that happened about a week before we returned from the States. It took us another week or so to find a cage (at a decent price) so we could separate our piggies. Well...I guess that was a little too long!
Also, when it comes to determining the gender...don't ask me! All along I thought Spikey was a boy and Popcorn was a girl. I even looked at the pictures on the internet that shows you how to check and what it should look like. I got it all wrong. Spikey is the Mama!
We are hoping that the baby is a girl so we can keep them together. Oh...if it is a girl, Lacey will be her name.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Making Sushi

For my birthday, in January, I got a sushi "kit." I got 4 plates & bowls, a bamboo mat, rice spoon, chop sticks, and 2 cook books. I do have a tendancy to put things off, especially if I've never done it before.
So, Friday, I went out and bought smoked salmon and seaweed. We finally pulled out all the ingredients for sushi tonight (Sunday). I decided to start with veggie sushi that way if it didn't go right, I didn't waste a lot of money. I didn't get it rolled quite right, but there was promise.
I made a few adjustments when rolling and the next ones came out well!!
Josh, Ruth Anne & her friend, Chene, enjoyed it. So did I!
The only thing I wish is that I let Josh help. He really wanted to do some of it, but I was caught up in getting it right.
So tomorrow, I'm going to let him make some for his lunch!