Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easter Lapbook

Josh made his first lapbook the week before Easter.   What is a "lapbook"? you might ask.  It can be considered a fancy poster made out of file folders.  But, it is more than just a poster with pictures.  It definitely has pictures, but can include games, puzzles, reading, writing and math skills.  Many times they are made up of mini-books and folded shapes.
In the picture below, the bottom left corner is a folded cross.  It looks like a house, but opens into a cross.  Josh wrote 4 words that reminded him of Easter.  Also on the front right are two puzzles.  One is a maze, the other is the first crossword puzzle Josh has ever done.
On the inside, Josh traced over a Bible verse and we talked about Easter using "Resurrection Eggs."  The back (not  shown) was a came on long "e" and short "e" words.
We are now working on a Science lapbook about the Seasons.
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