Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mild Winter

I can't believe I'm saying it, yet here it goes, "This has been a very mild winter!"  I haven't worn a coat inside the house once this winter.  Okay, the panel heaters in every room are helping, but really it has been a lovely winter.  I do know that I mustn't get my hopes up.  It is only the middle of July and things can change in a heartbeat!  But, I'm loving winter so far!
As hubby and I were watching a reply of Lincecum's no hitter, we saw many fans in coats!  We feel very blessed that our winter (I must add, so far this year) is warmer than San Fran's summer, it seems!
Well, in light of our great winter, I thought I would post some pictures from last winter.  Since we've been in SA, it has snowed 4 times at our house.  This snow from last year happened to cover all of Joburg.
Janna Kay
Winter, August 2012

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