Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seasons Lapbook

Well, Josh finished his second lapbook this past week.  The theme was seasons.  I decided that since we are going to the USA that it was a good time to study the seasons and learn why the northern and southern hemispheres have opposite seasons.
I got many ideas and worksheets from Enchanted Learning.  I'm glad I joined that site.  They have great lessons and craft ideas.  So here are some pictures of his 2nd lapbook.

Josh got to play the sun with a flashlight (torch), while I tilted the earth and rotated around him.  We saw how the light hit the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere differently as the earth rotates.  We put a wheel in the center with the US on top and South Africa at the bottom.  As he rotates the wheel he can tell that each country experiences the opposite season.

Josh also did a craft for each season.  He also cut out pictures of different types of clothing worn for each season.  He did a great job and was very proud of his book.
Now...we are on holiday so that we can get packed for our trip to the USA.  We are all very excited about seeing Ruth Anne and the rest of the family.
Ruth Anne graduates May 20!  I am so proud of her.  She made a big decision to finish high school in the States.  She made the honor roll and is graduating with a wonderful GPA.

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