Friday, July 29, 2011

Blessed by Sushi

Today, Josh and I had a lunch date at a nearby Sushi restaurant.  We usually go eat sushi together when Kurt is away (since he is not a fan of seafood).  Today was the day.  I wasn't sure what restaurant to go to since we've only been in Houston for 2 months.  I knew there was one down the road from our apartment complex, but after looking it up on my iPhone, it looked closed.  Another one came up on the map just as close, so we headed to that one.

Ok, when I first saw this place about a month ago, it looked closed down because the sign on the store front looked old and faded.  But it was not!  In fact, it is a very upscale sushi restaurant...they had valet parking!!

I told Josh that he must be very good at the restaurant because there were a lot of business people eating lunch there.  He was very good!
When we sat down, there was a lady sitting alone at the table next to us.  She got her sushi right before we placed our order.  As she was leaving after her meal, she spoke to us, "Have a nice day."  I replied, "Thank you.  You, too."

We enjoyed miso soup as a starter.  I ate the mushrooms, but Josh enjoyed the rest...even the tofu!  After that, we had 12 maki rolls of yellowtail and salmon and 4 nigiri with salmon and tuna.  Josh tried to use chopsticks, but it just wasn't working.  Our waitress brought him the neatest little contraption.  It was a plastic piece that each chopstick pops into causing them to act as tongs!  Josh was so excited that he could now use chopsticks.  Josh used tongs and the sushi was delicious!  But that it not the best part...

When we were finished, our waitress came and told us that the lady who was sitting next to us had paid for our meal!  She has been trying to get her daughter to eat sushi with her and her daughter always refuses.  She thought it was so nice that you and your son were enjoying sushi together.

Wow!  What a wonderful gesture and we didn't even get to say "Thank you."  But I am saying it now...if you ever read this..."Thank you!"
I pray that God will make me more conscious of how I can bless others...especially for His glory!

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