Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oops! I Did the Wrong "Meme!"

My mom with Joshuwa.

Well, Angie...I thought when you tagged me that it was for the same one you were tagged for! Sorry!
Now, I have to think of 20 things my mom taught me. (The other took a lot less thought!) it is: My list of 20 things my mother taught me!
1. To smile and share that smile with others.
2. To enjoy having people in my home.
3. To be involved in church wherever Jesus leads.
4. To drink coffee black!
5. When it comes to cooking, to clean up as you go!
6. To read my Bible through (although I didn't do it in a year; it took 3!)
7. To enjoy being short.
8. To LOVE shopping!
9. To love working with youth.
10. To appreciate and learn sign language.
11. To be a Baylor Bear!
12. To find joy in life.
13. To treasure my family.
14. To enjoy crafting.
15. To love reading.
16. To love "murder mysteries."
17. To be dependable.
18. To praise my kids.
19. To support my husband.
20. To love the Lord, Jesus!
Thanks, Mom! I love you!


Angie said...

I'm glad you did both! It's fun to read what your mom taught you. And I love that picture of her and Joshuwa.

Kecia said...

Hi, Janna Kay--Angie's friend Kecia here--our moms must have a lot in common! I laughed that we both included your #5. Love your picture, too. I've read your name often; it's good to finally "meet" you in blogland. :)